Radiance Enhancing Set - F.Y.N Professional
Radiance Enhancing Set - F.Y.N Professional
Radiance Enhancing Set - F.Y.N Professional
Radiance Enhancing Set - F.Y.N Professional

Radiance Enhancing Set

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Complete your skincare routine with the Radiance Enhancing Set as we focus on the important ones which are cleanse, moisturize and sunblock. So you don't have to apply too many products every single day.  


F.Y.N Professional's Radiance Enhancing Set is formulated with various ingredients imported worldwide such as Jojoba Oil, Mulberry and Vitamin B3 which are proven to help reduce Acne, Scars, Black/White head, Pigmentation and brighten up that precious skin of yours.


If you have not read about our products yet, here's a summarized explanation:


100ml Radiance Enhancing Cleanser

Our Gel Cleanser is specially formulated to not produce a lot of foam. So it wouldn’t be harsh to the skin. Helps to get rid of dead skin with a hint of AHA. and has a low pH of 6 which helps to balance the skin's sebum release thus reducing the chances of breakouts.


30g All in One Radiance Enhancing Cream

Our multi-function cream can be used as a sunblock, moisturizer and primer so you don’t have to apply multiple products every single day. Rich with tons of antioxidants and very moisturizing too! 

P/S: Our customers love this the most!


Makeup Zapper

The Makeup Zapper is an alternative to traditional makeup remover/ wipes where you can remove makeup by just wetting the towel and wipe in a circular motion. 100% chemical free, and gentle to skin! You can also use it to wipe your face after cleansing or masking!


Our Radiance Enhancing Set is for 3-5 months usage. So, you don't have to worry of ordering again every month. You'll receive the Makeup Zapper for FREE to for every Cleanser and All in One Cream purchased.


Get yours now while offer last.

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As usual, the packaging is superb, & i still trying to get a better & healthy skin with this product.hope the result is superb too.


Radiance Enhancing Set

Worth the money

The Magic Zapper was a bomb! And the cream was really so moisturising and it kept my make up on!

Sangat2 lembut..

Mmg most recommdd.. efektif, selsa ja guna.. sgt lembut.. yg pling best bila org prsan kulit muka mkin cerah.. trbaik.. 👍👍👍

The best!

The cream is not sticky at all, very hydrating juga . I’m sharing it with my sister and this set lasts for quite long . Thankyou F.Y.N!