Makeup Zapper

Makeup Zapper

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Imagine Life With F.Y.N Professional Makeup Zapper 



F.Y.N Professional Makeup Zapper is specifically made for Makeup Lovers to ensure your skin is cleansed thoroughly when removing your makeup. Our Makeup Zapper helps to remove excess oil and dirt from your face and also removes makeup without needing to use makeup remover.



Simply wet the Makeup Zapper with warm water. Use gentle circular motions to remove make up.




The Benefits

  • F.Y.N Professional Makeup Zapper helps to remove makeup, grease, oil and dead skin cells (without using chemical), freshens & rejuvenates your skin with each wash


  • F.Y.N Professional Makeup Zapper gently exfoliates skins without using the chemical or physical beaded exfoliating product hence making pores appear smaller and reduce fine lines. 


  • ◦Cost Efficient & Enviromental Friendly - The F.Y.N Professional Makeup Zapper is indeed reusable, washable and light weight. It'll take only just about an hour to dry after washing. It is suitable for you to take it anywhere while travelling. Saving you the hassle of needing to purchase Makeup Wipers every time you travel or use make up and the best of all, it is chemical-free!


  • Professional grade - heavy duty construction makes it perfect for spas & salons, safe for those with allergies or asthma, 100% microfiber, strictly no nylon material.


  • F.Y.N Professional Makeup Zapper works with almost all cleansing methods. Oil is quickly absorbed into the towel and can be washed clean after usage.