Acne showing up uninvited? You’ve got a big day and acne pops up out of nowhere to ruin everything?

We’ve teamed up the ideal essentials you need to solve this. Individually powerful, together, this trio works amazingly in combating acne. Ghosting My Acne Trio will leave annoying acne on SEEN, period!

Start and finish your days right with our worry-free skincare trio, great for ALL skin types. You’ll enjoy a super fun pack complete with a gel cleanser, a multifunctional mist and a lightweight moisturizer. This trio is bursting with natural goodness, you’ll end your skincare routine like you’ve just walked out of an enchanted spa.

With Ghosting My Acne Trio, you’ll soon hear no acne, speak no acne, see no acne! Thank me later ;)

What’s in this trio?

100ml Cleanse First, Love Later (RM 125.00)High key owning the cleansing game.

100ml Pretty When You Mist (RM 105.00) Working 24/7 for your skin’s glow.

30ml Overly Attached Moisturizer (RM 135.00) Super committed in keeping your skin hydrated.