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Really helpful

This moisturiser suits my skin and i like the texture which is not heavy but just nice. Easy to absorb .

I like it

Been using some other brands sunblock before and what I don’t like is that some got white cast which make my skin looks extra white.But this one seems to suit me cause has a nude colour which adapt to my skin and especially since its not so oily.

The best mist everr

helps to reduce my acne and sgt soothing, boleh guna utk set makeup jgk. thank u fyn!


Antara pencuci muka paling best untuk kulit Yang very2 dry macam saya. Sebelum ni kulit sangat2 kering smpai mengelupas & Naik biji2. Lepas guna Cuci muka ni kulit muka sangat2 lembut, lembab Dan muka nampak semakin bersih.kulit mengelupas hilang Dan Biji pun semakin hilang. Muka semakin clear!!

Was surprised really

I’ve been using this set bout 3 weeks already. At first I was like not bad cause I like how it feels after using. But when I went to my monthly facial, the beautician ask me what product I’m using right now cause she can see my skin is getting better than before in terms of blackhead and oilyness. Then I was like ohh this set is really good huh hahah sorry for the long review but just super excited 😂

One of the best moisturizer I’ve used

I am really picky when it comes to a moisturizer cause scared oily, hard to absorb la and some even got white cast. Luckily this one works really good on my skin

Very hydrated

I can feel my skin getting more hydrated right now especially when I apply it before going to work and during my working.


I was at the brink of giving up, then I found this! My skin is recovering, slowly but surely ❤

recommended for sensitive skin

i have an acne prone n sensitive skin. this set is very gentle for me. it clears up my acne within 2 weeks without any redness or peeling. one of the best local brand i can say :D

Worth the money!

I recently purchased this because I needed a mist that is moisturizing with a scent that is not too strong. It works perfectly with my skin and my skin doesn’t feel dry anymore! Love the scent as well.

Will try their sunblock now

I used to be the type who likes using different brand for each routine.But now after using this trio set,I think I’ll stick to these 3 first until I have no money hahaha cause it really helped brighten my skin and my skin has really less breakout d. Thanks!!!

Nice natural smell

My friend recommended me to try and I have been using this cleanser for about 3 weeks and so far my acne is really reducing. Gonna try their full set next week when I have more money xD

Awesome tinted sunscreen

1. the packaging is luxurious with pump
2. i love that it has a nude tint and very easy to blend
3, doesnt break me out

love the smell

love the smell
what I like bout this moisturizer is it’s really not oily and absorbs well to my skin. and it also has a very nice natural smell which is good when I want to sleep haha

My holy grails!

Omg! first of all, the packaging is superb. Products are bigger irl than I expected, which is great bcz that means more products for me yeayyyy Also luxurious looking, i just cant help to stare at them sometimes hahaha!

I love using the cleanser, sooooo gentle & not irritating to my super sensitive skin. Plus the mist & Moisturizer do wonders to me

4stars from me bcz its a lil bit pricey hehehe

I love this mist so much

One spray is enough for my face. The volume is high but the particles are so small. I got pimples on my forehead, but now they are smaller. Need to try your other products soon! After my current one finish :)

Super worth it!

Received my order fast, all in good condition. Then they had these cute cards in the box.. they're on my wall now. The bottles look so luxurious, my sister is

When I opened every bottle, I'm like.. what is that smell? so heavenly!

The cleanser is so gentle on my skin and I love how its colourless. I bring the mist in my backpack to class to stay fresh. Then the moisturizer... Make my skin damn soft weh.. What magic is this? My foundation ngam ngam finished, and I'm in luck cos the sunscreen is tinted, can cover my red blemishes.

Seriously so worth it... I feel so pampered.. Can save money for my facial spa after this.. hehe. THANKS FYN!!!

Best purchase EVER!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Best purchase ever, finally found the perfect products for my skin. My fav from this set need to be Party Under The Sun Sunscreen. SPF+coverage miracle in a bottle😍 Major shoutout for Pretty When You Mist for a quick pick me up+hydration! Definitely worth it👍🏻

Trustable Brands!

I didn't have to think more about other brands,because I will stick to this product, since it is really good and match very well for my skins!

The Best Sunscreen 🔥

Wohoo ! Definitely my fav product from Fyn Professional. ITS GOOD ⚡️⚡️⚡️


Honestly the best cleanser I’ve ever tried so far. Really love the smell and i can see my breakout and pigmentation is less. Thank you!!!