We'll start with Cleanse First, Love Later.

First, wet your face. 

Then, take 1 to 2 pumps, 4 pumps if you're two-faced. LOL JK..

Lather with water. 

Gently massage onto your face(s) STILL KIDDING..

Do it in circular motions for 1 minute. No more, no less.

At last, wash it off with water.


Follow up with Pretty When You Mist.

First of all, spray it on your face.

Repeat until you're satisfied. Seriously tho, just a few sprays will do.


Top it off with Overly Attached Moisturizer.

Again, take 1 to 2 pumps.

Then, gently massage it all over your face and neck.

Use upward motions. Don't ask, just do it!


You're good to go!

Danggg who disss??