The Journey Behind F.Y.N Professional


Let's begin with the most common questions we received (We're sure you had this thought before). Like what is F.Y.N Professional and why did we even start being in this huge beauty industry?

First of, F.Y.N Professional stands for "Flawless, Young, Natural" and the term Professional is the professionalism we want to achieve starting from our appearance, products quality to our overall customer service.

Our journey started when we noticed that in Malaysia, there is still quite a big sum of people who are unable to differentiate between harmful and safe and quality skincare.

Though, it surely isn't their fault. As they aren't well explained on choosing the right skincare. 

So we thought why don't we take the responsibility to educate these people to choosing the right skincare instead of potentially harming themselves before finally realizing.

After about 9 months of R&D, from sourcing the best ingredients worldwide, partnering with globally certified manufacturer and dermatologist tested,

F.Y.N Professional was born. A skincare range that is strictly vegan & cruelty free, clinically & lab tested and made mainly of natural ingredients. 

Our Radiance Enhancing Set is specially formulated for you, who may dislike applying too many products on your skin everyday. Our set focuses on the main skincare routine which is cleanse, moisturize and sunblock.

Minimal but truly sufficient.