About Us

Who are we?


F.Y.N Professional Sdn Bhd was established on February 2017, and we took around 9 months for R&D since November 2016 before we officially launched our products on July 2017. We have been in the market for about 10 months.

There’s so many business out there! Why did we start a skincare business? 😱
First of all, we did our research and found that about 67% of Malaysian Owned Skincare Company are selling products that aren’t really safe, contains harmful ingredients, and most importantly, to achieve ‘vampire like’ pale/fairer skin.
So, F.Y.N Professional was born! We noticed a huge flaw and thought, instead of craving a much fairer skin in an unsafe way, why don’t we help and assist our customers to start loving their skin colour and instead achieve a much healthier and flawless skin.


F.Y.N PROFESSIONAL is better known for its scientifically advance and clinically proven safe skin care products. Our products are exclusively formulated to satisfy beauty needs of men and women at any age and skin types.


WE at F.Y.N PROFESSIONAL aims to provide and educate both men and women throughout Malaysia who wish to have a more healthy and radiance skin by using a clinically proven safe, effective and high standard of quality beauty products .


Our Vision at F.Y.N PROFESSIONAL aims to be the leading provider of Malaysian beauty care products ranging from skin care, body care, hair care, and health nutrition. We are aware that most Malaysian are cautious when it comes to choosing beauty products and they avoid harmful and unsafe way in the journey to have glorious skin they’re dreaming of.