• How To Get Rid Of Tiny Bumps a.k.a. Milia

    Have you ever noticed tiny little white bumps on your face? You tried to pop it out but there's nothing could be extracted. And you only end up with irritation on the area because you keep picking on it. Here's the reason why you should stop doing that to those tiny bumps on your face...
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    Did you know that the ingredients in a liquid makeup remover usually contain chemicals that might be harmful for your skin? A typical makeup remover relies on active ingredients to dissolve the products on your skin. Though these ..

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     F.Y.N Professional We were mainly created with one mission. To help, educate and provide the people who has been misguided into using harmful and...
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    Water Make sure to drink plenty of plain water daily. Why?     Water is an important element to maintain the optimum skin moisture and delive...