Hey everyone!

So we received tons of inquiries on who we are and why did we choose F.Y.N Professional as our brand name. So, please read on to know more about our story!

What Does F.Y.N Professional Stands For?

First of all, The alphabet “F” stands for Flawless, “Y” stands for Young, “N” stands for Natural. The reasons we chose these alphabets are because based on our research, majority of local consumers are wanting to achieve the said characteristic.

They are in search of having a smooth, brighter, younger and a more natural looking face without using harmful chemicals that will cause the face to look pale.

The term professional is used to represent our professionalism in our overall service and brand. The gold color of our logo and its black background represents the exclusiveness of our brand.



When and Why Were We Established?

Our company, F.Y.N Professional was established on 13th February 2017. But honestly, it goes way back to 2016 when we first had the idea of being in a huge beauty niche.

First of, one of the reasons was we noticed a huge flaw in the Malaysian beauty market where a vast majority are providing skincare that clearly looks unsafe and not many consumers are aware of the dangerous side effects of using unsafe ingredients. What most of these people want is just to have a whiter skin! 

Thus, F.Y.N Professional was established with a mission to educate the people and providing an alternative by using skincare that is proven safe, at utmost quality and most importantly safe.

Truth be told, it was super hard at first. Why? 

You can read more on our journey to manufacturing our products here.


Finally, after 10 months of our R&D Process, Our products were released! F.Y.N Professional's Radiance Enhancing Set consists of the Radiance Enhancing Cleanser, All in One Radiance Enhancing Cream and Makeup Zapper.


You can read more about our products here :D