Makeup Primer 101

Makeup primer 101 by F.Y.N Professional

Hey everybody,

Puts your hands up 🙋‍♀️ if uolls still berbelah bagi on, whether or not nak pakai primer? Primer ni apa? What does it do? Do I even need one? 🤔 Primer is very divisive, boleh berpecah belah perpaduan dek berbincang pasal primer. Some just swear by it – and have Insta-worthy picture 🤳 to prove it, while others think primer is pore-clogging and breakout-causing nightmare.😨

Without further ado, here is everything you might need to know untuk convince yourself to put on primer before slaying those make up.

What is primer?

Primer or makeup base, act as glue binding your makeup for longer hours. Bila uolls gunakan primer, it actually create a smooth canvas layer onto your skin. Layer nie act macam barrier di antara kulit muka and all the makeup. Kulit muka kita ni, macam sponge – it just absorb everything yang kita applied on, within seconds. Sebab tu kadang-kadang, we notice that just within couple of hours, previously applied foundation was gone. Frust, kan?😖

How and when to use it?

Primer is worn in between face preparation and makeup application. So after you are done with all skincare routine including cleansing, scrubbing, up to moisturiser application, then apply on primer – just before uolls apply makeup, like foundation or powder.

How to apply primer by F.Y.N Professional

Cara nak apply primer, tak susah mana pun, macam uolls pakai moisturizer ja. Apply some (pea size) on your skin and rub it slowly in upward stroke. Never apply too much cause it will end up clogging your pores, and jangan la sikit sangat. Nanti tak Nampak pulak kesan dia.

Why we need to apply primer?

Selain daripada acting as barrier between your lovely healthy skin and makeup, primer major benefit is getting makeup look all smooth, flawless and last longer. How?

  • Making pore look less visible

Applying primer will help cover up visible pores. Primer will fill up pores making it less visible.

  • Reduce excess sebum secretion

Primer must always be applied after uolls dah pakai moisturiser. Moisturiser will hep moisturise skin and primer help out by locking all the moisture in skin. Making skin hydrated all day long. Kulit yang hydrated enough, won’t have problem with excess sebum. So tak susah dah la korang nak blend makeup onto your skin. And no more makeup smudge. Yay!! 😍

However, do keep in mind that primer does not solve 100% of makeup problem. Please make sure that, you always keep an on ingredients in your makeup product – cause some ingredients might not suit you. Look out for awesome makeup tutorial, so you can figure out the right way of makeup application – which come first and what is the next.

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