Keep Up With These Skincare Tips if You’re in Your 20s

Keep Up With These Skincare Tips if You’re in Your 20s

Okay, let’s FACE it (lame pun intended). We can’t stay young forever. Good thing is there are ways for us to hold on to our youth. I’m talking bout the face. We don’t wanna be spending days in our 30s, 40s or 50s dabbing thick makeup to fix mistakes we could have dodged decades ago.

So, listen up and get in formation!

S-u-n-s-c-r-e-e-n! 7am, 11am, 2pm, as long as the sun is up, wear the damn sunscreen! I know the sun-kissed selfie is to die for, but please, don’t murder your skin.

UV rays can even penetrate through glass, for real. If you don’t wanna be looking like orange peels in 10 years, wear sunscreen that best suits your skin type. Sunscreen usually wears out in two hours, so you need to reapply it. Y’all better do it or regret later.

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“I got lost in those eyes.” Ain’t nobody saying this to you if you’ve got creepy dark under eye circles. They would be running from them. The solution: eye cream.

Be super gentle when you apply it. Lightly dab a small amount under your eyes and you can step up this routine with a gentle massage. Just move one or two fingers really lightly around your eyes for about 10 seconds.

After an awesome night out, crawl into bed and sleep with makeup on. Does this sound like you?

That’s like, skincare suicide. You’re gonna look older than your age before you even know it, I’m not even kidding! Get your *ss up and remove those makeup.

You can thank me later (if you would remember), never rub your skin when removing makeup. Let the makeup remover soak in the cotton pad and wipe gently. You don’t need larger pores and more wrinkles. Take it from me, I tots regret it now.

Two times’ a charm, or something like that… My point is, double cleanse.

Use an oil cleanser to remove any stubborn dirt, make up and impurities. Then you can go on with your normal cleanser. That’s basically it. Don’t think twice, just do it, double cleanse will go a long way.

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Exfoliate twice a week. Pick a gentle exfoliant and stick with twice a week. Don’t overdo it coz it’s gonna cost you your naturally healthy skin. We wanna get rid of dead skin cells, not the whole freakin’ layer of skin! This step is a must if you hate blackheads and clogged pores.

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Also, remember your enemies: fragrance, soaps, and wipes. They’re only here to ruin our lives.

Finally, eat, sleep, skincare repeat. Get the sleep you need and all the healthy food and water you can get. These can save you the trouble of recovering your skin in the future.

“Forever 21!” “I feel like 22.”

Chant it in the morning. Put it on your mirror. Scream it in your bathroom. Stick-note it on you wall.

AND FOLLOW ALL THE ABOVE TIPS! Stay young, people!

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