How To Care For Sensitive Skin

How To Care For Sensitive Skin



If you are used to having redness spots, blotchy patches, itchiness and visible broken capillaries on your skin, you probably have a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is the result of a weak protective barrier as this layer on the skin gets thinner and badly damaged. Due to this thinning barrier, the skin becomes highly sensitive to external factors including sun exposure 🌞, cold weather ⛄, hot water 🔥, hormonal changes 🤯, stress 😖 and even lack of sleep😴.


So how to treat a sensitive skin?


  • Patch test first

Patch testing is the number one thing that you should do right after you get yourself a new product 🙆‍♀️ It reduces the risk of damaging your skin even further, especially when your skin is not used to the new product. Click here to learn more about patch testing. 


  • Keep the skin moisturized

As much as your body needs to stay hydrated, so does your skin too! 💦 A damaged skin barrier usually allows moisture to escape more easily resulting in more dryness to the skin. Look for hydrating ingredients like ceramide or niacinamide in your skincare products. You can also put on a hydrating mask for your self-care routine 💋


  • Use plant-based ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties

Plant-based ingredients are the best choice not only for sensitive skin but for all skin types as it reduces the risk of causing sensitization to the skin that animal-based products may have the risk doing 😖 By using vegan products, you are also showing support to go against animal-cruelty 🐰 There are a lot of plant extracts that are known for their skin boosting and repairing abilities ✨ Look for hyaluronic acid as it has a super hydrating property and azelaic acid for its ability to calm down the skin.


  • Wear natural protection sunscreen

Some sunscreen may contain harsh ingredients so be mindful when picking one  ☝ The best safe ingredient in sunscreen that you can look for is zinc oxide which is an essential ingredient in physical aka mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen does not penetrate into the skin like chemical sunscreen does. It stays on the surface layer of the skin to shield it from harmful UVA and UVB and won't clog the pores ✨


  • Avoid abrasive tools and harsh ingredients

Abrasive tools like rough scrubs, microbeads and harsh cleansing brushes will only cause microtears on your skin which is the tearing of the skin that can lead to an increase in skin sensitivity 🙅‍♀️ Harsh ingredients like bad alcohols (alcohol denat, SD alcohol, ethanol), artificial fragrance, citrus, glycolic acid and L-ascorbic acid (a more irritating form of vitamin C) will also risk ripping your skin of its natural barrier even further.


  • Don't use too many products at once 

Piling too many layers of products can be too overwhelming especially for a sensitive skin. Rather than confusing the skin and increasing the risk of irritation, why not pick a fewer quality products to lather on your precious delicate skin 🦄


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