FYN Professional Makeup Zapper - The Best Makeup Wiper for A Better Facial Cleaning Routine.


Did you know that the ingredients in a liquid makeup remover usually contain chemicals that might be harmful for your skin? A typical makeup remover relies on several active ingredients such as surfactants, solubilizers and emulsifiers to dissolve the products on your skin. Though these chemicals are necessary to lift the makeup, your skin is also exposed to risks of getting damaged.

Why risk your skin with unnecessary chemicals when you can opt for a chemical-free makeup wiper from FYN Professional! Our Makeup Zapper helps to remove all kinds of makeup including waterproof makeup simply by wetting it with water and no other chemicals involved. The microfiber material also helps to gently exfoliate your skin leaving it with less visible pores and fine lines.

This amazing makeup towel is hands down the best option to remove your makeup especially if you have a sensitive skin, allergy or athma. It's a nylon-free material so it is perfectly safe for our precious delicate skin.

FYN Professional Makeup Zapper is reusable, washable, lightweight and it's perfect for travelling too. Simply wash it off once you are done with removing your makeup, hang to dry it off and it will be ready for the next use as fast as one hour drying period. Comes in a foldable pocket size, removing makeup is no longer a hassle anytime and anywhere!

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