5 Simple Tips to Figure Out Your Skin Tone

Beauty is within the soul not skin colour by F.Y.N Professional
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Hello there,🙋‍♀️

Have you ever been to a drug store or beauty boutique, nak cuba some new foundation promoted and got ask like below scenario?

“Nak cuba foundation baru? Sure! What’s your skin tone?”

“Wait.. wait.. what are my skin tone?😰 Am I fair? Am I dark? How to know?”

Jangan risau uolls. We’ll guide you through this dilemma. First thing first, pernah tau tak apa yang menyebabkan warna kulit kita berbeza-beza? Everyone skin tones is different from each other, and we are all beautiful and perfect in our own way (aww…🤭). Your skin tone is determine by the amount of melanin in your epidermis. Semakin banyak jumlah sel melanin, semakin gelap kulit seseorang and it goes vice versa.

Biasanya, we Malaysian are categorized in to four (4) skin tones groups:-

Skin Complexion/Colour Index by F.Y.N Professional

1- Fair/ Cool/ Putih Gading
People with fair skin tone has the least number of melanin. And because of that, their skin burn easily if they are in direct sunlight. To avoid getting sunburn regularly, we would like to advice those with fair skin to apply sunblock frequently.

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2- Medium/ Natural/ Kuning Langsat

You have generally light-colored skin, tapi uolls have more yellow or beige undertones than fair skin.

3- Olive/ Warm/ Sawo Matang

Your skin is a more medium color, with potential olive undertones. People with this skin colour is said to have the healthiest skin. They are in low risk of getting skin cancer, due to sun rays and appear younger (awet muda tau uolls 👶).

4- Tan/Dark/Hitam Manis

You have dark skin and/or a deep complexion because of the amount of melanin within your skin. Tapi jangan la sedih. Anggap la diri uolls artis Bollywood, macam Kajul.💃 Hitam-hitam si tampuk manis, makin hitam makin manis.

Now, the million dollar question – “How to know our skin tone?"

Here’s a few ways you could try in determining your skin complexion. Do try them all, ok?😘 Baru la nanti senang uolls nak cari makeup colour yang sesuai.

1- Do you blush? 😳

Do being out in the sun make you blush? Bila malu, habis semua orang tau sebab nampak merah ja pipi uolls, than it is obvious you are a cool undertone person.

2- Check your veins.

Look at the underside of your pergelangan tangan. In what colour does your vein (urat) appear in?

Vein Colour on Underside Wrist by F.Y.N Professional

• Bluish-purple – you have a cool skin undertone
• Greenish – you are looking at warm skin undertone

• Bluish-green or you can differ between the two – you are on natural undertone

3- Gold or silver?
• If you think gold jewellery suit you most, you might have a warm undertone.
• And people with cool undertone, mostly look good in silver jewellery.

• If you are good in both, than you should have guess which undertone you have.

4- Basic colours test
Basic colour like hitam and putih, brown and tan (softer brown) colours.
• Cool undertone looks good in black, white and deep brown

• Warm undertone would much likely prefer off-white softer tan colours.

5- White paper test

This test need you to compare your complexion tanpa makeup, dengan sekeping kertas putih. If your skin tends to look dull, you have a warm undertone. And if it look all good, than you have cool undertone. If there is not much different, than you are all natural.

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